The electric car is broken. What do I do?

Please contact us  at +38(048) 700-15-04

Who can join the service?

You must have the driving license and two years of driving experience.

How to become a member of Mobilecar?

Sign up at or on mobile app and get a text massage with confirmation that you became a member. Usually it will not take more than 2 hours, but in rear cases it may take up to few days.

Is service available to foreign residents?

Foreign residents can join the service in exceptional order. For more details please contact us at +38(048) 700-15-04

Where can I read the agreement?

Mobilecar  service agreement is available at

Where can I download the Mobilecar app?

In AppSrote or in Google Play just search for Mobilecar, or just use a link

How to open a car?

Electric car can be opened and closed via mobile app.

Where can I find documents?

All documents are in the glove box of electric car.

How can I book reservation for an electric car?

Use mobile app Mobilecar.

First 10 minutes are free of charge, Standby pricing plan is applied (1,5 UAH/min) next minutes.

Will Mobilecar cover paid parking ?

Paid parking facilities (shopping malls, hotels, theaters) should be paid by the Driver separately, it is prohibited to end your rental there.

Who charges the car?

We are responsible for charging the electric vehicle. In exceptional cases, if something went wrong, please contact us at +38(048) 700-15-04.

Who is responsible for washing the car?

We are. If the car was dirty during your inspection please contact us.  In this case we will arrange washing faster. If you pay for car wash by yourself it will not be reimbursed.

Who is responsible for paying fines?

You are responsible. We will forward to customer fines tickets received from police. Responsibility for violation lies with the offender.

Are Mobilecars insured?

All cars are insured for OSAGO and TPLI, the amount of deductible is 8000 UAH.

What if I didn’t inform you about the damages before my rental?

We strongly recommended to always inspect the electric vehicle before the trip. If we find any damages  not noted by you during the inspection, the responsibility for them will fall on you

Where can I drive and where can park?

You can drive the electric car anywhere within the city in Odessa. You can park the car anywhere in Odessa and according to the Road Traffic Regulations.

Are there any mileage limit?

There are no mileage limits.

How can I pay for my trip?

To rent an electric car you need to have a balance at least of 1000 UAH on you payment card. From the moment of booking a registration the amount of 1000 UAH will be temporary blocked on your card. When your trip is ended amount of money actually spent on the trip will be deducted from your card. Difference will be returned to your card immediately.

How to clear a debt?

You can cover you debt by adding funds to your main card or to pay by any other linked card.

Can I end my rental in a place with no mobile communication?

No. You must end your rental only in the places where mobile communication is available.

Can I transport large animals in the car?

It is prohibited to transport large animals.

Can I transport oversize cargo?

It is prohibited to transport oversize cargo.

Can I transport smudge items?

It is prohibited to transport smudge items.

Can I smoke inside electric car?

No, it’s strictly prohibited to smoke in our cars and is punishable by a fine.

Can someone else drive my electric car?

No, it’s strictly prohibited and is punishable by a fine.

How can I end my rental?

You can park the vehicle anywhere in compliance with Road Traffic Regulations. Make sure that your electric car is not in the way. Turn the ignition off, shift the transmission lever to the “P” position, exit the electric car, close the doors and hold the button “End” in your mobile app.

I am unable to end my rental. What should I do?

Check next:

– internet connection is available

– the ignition is off

– transmission lever is in the “P” position

If you are still unable to end your rental please contact us at +38(048) 700-15-04

Can I end my rental in airports?

Yes you can, but only on the parking places of the airport.

My phone buttery is down.

All cars have a USB connector to which you can connect your phone charger.

What to do if I leave something in the car?

Please contact us  at +38(048) 700-15-04

I got into a car accident. What do I do?

You should inform us about the accident at +38(048) 700-15-04.

I can’t open/close car’s doors. What to do?

Please check internet connection and try few more times. If after that  you will not be able to open or close the doors please  contact us at +38(048) 700-15-04