How can I pay for my trip?


To rent a car you need replenish the balance of your personal account for 1000 UAH. The amount of 1000 UAH is the account balance for reserve paying for the services in unforeseen circumstances, for example, if your payment card does not have enough money to pay for renting , charging or other services.
Payment for renting an electric car is made with a payment card attached to your account.
We ask you to pay attention to the information below regarding the conditions for using the security deposit …
The received payments credited to the account’s personal account in the App, a security deposit, can be used by the client as payment for the trip. To use the security deposit as a payment for the trip, we ask you to contact the support service, indicating to the operator about the purpose of using the security deposit as a payment for the trip. After using the security deposit, the status is “Retired”. For re-activation, the amount of the security deposit will be 1250 UAH.