How can I reactivate my account in the Mobilecar Application?


If you decide to stop using the services of the carsharing service and all the payments from the balance of your personal account  spent on travel, your account goes into the “Deactivated” status.

To re-activate your account, you will need to make deposit in UAH 1250 to the account balance. (The cost of re-activation is 250 UAH, ,Security deposit is 1000 UAH.)

If you need deactivate your account again, the cost of the next (second) account activation and renewal of services will already be 500 UAH., And you will need to make a payment of 1500 UAH to the balance of your personal account.

The third re-activation and each next will be 750 UAH., That is, to restore the account to the status “Active”, you have to replenish the balance of your personal account in the amount of 1750 UAH.

The cost of the re-activation (activations) service of the account is 250, 500 or 750 UAH. The amount is not returning.